Our Zendo

Founded in 1994 by Zen priest Sokai Geoffrey Barratt, Haku-un-ji (White Cloud Temple) provides a tranquil and supportive environment for the practice and study of Zen Buddhism in the tradition of Rinzai (Lin-Chi), a prominent 9th century Chinese Master.  Rinzai Zen as practiced here, has come to us from Japan.

Those new to Zen Buddhism will find a supportive and focused approach to learning about and beginning a meditation practice. Experienced meditators will find rich opportunities to deepen and extend their practice. The zendo (Meditation Hall) maintains a tight form with supportive guidance and instruction from ordained monks and nuns. We ask all newcomers to Haku-un-ji to attend an Orientation, regardless of previous experience with Zen or meditation in general. Please click here for times and information.

We offer a robust weekly schedule, monthly one-day zazenkais and multi-day zazenkais with a visiting Zen Priest twice a year. Special events are also offered throughout the year.

Haku-un-ji is affiliated with a network of Zen Centers including Rinzai-ji Zen Center and Mt. Baldy Zen Center.

We look forward to meeting you!