We have moved our practice online until further notice to support the safety and health of the community. Along with this we have temporarily suspended our zazenkai schedule.

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Cushions and bowl set used during a zazenkai

Zazenkai (zazen meetings) are single or multi-day meditation retreats that offer the opportunity to deepen your practice through your concentrated effort, sitting together with the support of others and the form of the practice. The form is what we do together in practice and how we do it. This form has been polished over hundreds of years to provide continual opportunities to surrender your small self and realize your true self.

Activities include zazen (meditation), kinhin (walking meditation), chanting, tea, formal meals (vegetarian), short work periods and Dharma Talks. We normally conclude with a Listening Circle, a period of sharing through heartfelt speaking (optional) and listening.

Sitting on the edge of the meditation bench or in a chair is an option for those who may need it. Please talk with Sogen regarding any questions you may have about participating in a zazenkai.

We normally have one zazenkai per month, please join us!